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A Yellowstone Country Christmas List

The lists have been made, we’ve checked them twice. And while we’re hoping that we’re on the nice list this year, there was that one time. Anyway, we’re all adults and we know that most Christ...

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Notes from the Road: A Newbie’s Guide to Cross-Country Skiing

Until two weeks ago, I had never cross-country skied. Admittedly, my upbringing was not one of family camping trips and cross-country drives through national parks. In fact, I grew up in the mid-Atl...

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Notes from the Road: How to Do the Western Wave

It’s no secret that life is a little bit friendlier out here in Montana’s Yellowstone Country. We chat with our grocery store cashier, know the names of all the other pups at the park (regardless...

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Notes from the Road: 6 Tips for Choosing the Perfect Christmas Tree

The Annual Hunt for the Christmas tree. There are three Yellowstone Country ways that you can obtain a Christmas tree: 1. Buy a fake tree from a big box store. 2. Purchase a pre-cut tree...

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Notes from the Road: Keely’s Camps Come to Big Sky

What was it like growing up in Yellowstone Country? I grew up in the Gallatin Canyon and went to Ophir School. There were 28 students from K–8, so it was super small and a really t...

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