Bridger, Montana

Elevation: 3665 FT

Population: 728

County: Carbon

Not far from the Wyoming line, Bridger is named for one of the first white men to explore Yellowstone National Park. Just east of Bridger, the Pryor Mountains cover about 300,000 acres. The Pryor Mountains are home to about 130 wild, free-roaming mustangs believed to have descended from a herd that may have arrived as early as the 1700s. Visitors may catch a glimpse of them at the Pryor Mountains National Wild Horse Range, just north of the overlook. This rugged, desert-like country offers hiking, bird-watching and backcountry driving.

Bridger leads into the Bighorn Canyon National Recreation Area and Devil's Canyon Overlook where the canyon crosscuts a 1,000-foot-high segment of the fault that makes up the Pryor Mountains.

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