Rockvale, Montana

Elevation: 3480 FT


County: Carbon

At the confluence of Rock Creek and the Clarks Fork of the Yellowstone River on the Bozeman Trail, the small community of Rockvale is unmistakable. That's due in part to the large, century-old roadside ferris wheel at the Fort Rockvale Restaurant and Casino where highways 212 and 310 meet.

This strategic location was and still is a navigation headquarters at the junction of Rock Creek and the Clarks Fork river. Little remains of the original townsite—even the post office closed—but the nearby cemetery. But Rockvale is no ghost town and it totally worth your while. For river recreationalist, Rockvale’s right on Rock Creek and near the Clarks Fork of the famous Yellowstone.

If your destination is Yellowstone National Park via the wild, rugged and epically scenic Beartooth Highway, stop into Fort Rockvale for a bite to eat. Fort Rockvale was built in 1958, spanning over half a century of entertaining locals and travelers, keeping them well fed, and making sure they’ve got something to wash it all down with.

True Story

Rockvale’s got roots not only in then railroad, but as historic Montana junction, from the times of horses on dirt roads to present-day big rigs on wide-open highways. Back in the day, multiple trails met at this intersection, which was part the Bozeman Trial used by traders, trappers, cowboys and cowgirls, gold pursuers, and adventure seekers.

Trip tip

Just a short distance from Fort Rockvale, find the Rockcreek Campground on Rock Creek, where you can sleep out under the starts within driving distance of some of Montana's best recreation and attractions.

Live Like a Local

Pull up a barstool at The Fort at Rockvale and find out what’s on tap. This remodeled all-American restaurant, sports bar, and state of the art casino is a local legend.

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