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Notes from the Road: Outdoor Sports You’ve Never Tried: Ice Climbing

  This is the beginning of a new series that we’re calling, "The Best Sports You’ve Never Heard Of." Living in Montana’s Yellowstone Country means having access to a whole host of...

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Notes from the Road: Your Weekend Plans: Ski-Joring National Finals in Red Lodge

It’s that time of year again. Nope, not St. Patrick’s Day (though we will heartily encourage you to consume green beer all month, if you’d like); it’s the National Ski-Joring Finals. Wh...

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Notes from the Road: Yellowstone Country Attitudes When It’s Too Dang Cold Out

I read somewhere that spring is 30-something days away, which is somewhat depressing, seeing as how I feel like I’ve only gotten 20 ski days in. The good news is that my ski pass doesn’t freeze up...

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Notes from the Road: Four Drinks to Sip on This Winter

It’s February, which means we’re just about halfway through winter in Montana’s Yellowstone Country. And while the holidays sort of zoom past and catapult us all into a New Year—stuffed to the...

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Notes from the Road: Yellowstone National Park’s Rivers May Re-Open

While we try to stay out of politics here at Notes from the Road, we also understand that Yellowstone National Park is a big, huge place and people come from all over the world to see it, drive throug...

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