Hiking and Backpacking

Hiking and Backpacking

A Walk in the
Great Outdoors

In a place like Montana, adventure lies in something as simple as a walk in the woods. Setting off by foot and feeling the earth underneath is good for the heart and soul, especially with a view like ours. We’ve all manner of terrain to explore and every square inch of it is inspiring. Trek to the top of a mountain peak and see as far as the eye can see (which you’ll come to realize is pretty far) or set out for an alpine lake hidden high in the mountains. From easy walking trails and nature trails to foothill rambles and rugged treks into backcountry wilderness and deep canyons, there’s no shortage of ways to walk through the striking landscape of Yellowstone Country. Walking in winter? Strap on a pair of snowshoes.

Trail Safety:

Plan for any (and every) kind of weather. Dress in layers and wear broken-in hiking boots. Stay hydrated and always stay on the trail. If you’re hiking alone, let someone know where you’re going to be. Respect wildlife; do not harass or feed them. You are hiking in bear country. Be sure to make plenty of noise on the trail. Be alert and carry bear spray. As always, remember your binoculars…an essential part of hiking gear.

For tips on where to hike in Montana and where to find hiking trail maps:

Hiking and Backpacking

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