Are you ready for the ride of a lifetime? The Beartooth Scenic Highway in Montana’s Yellowstone Country is it! This 68-mile byway connects the charming communities of Red Lodge and Cooke City and serves as a western corridor to Yellowstone National Park. Along the Beartooth Highway, you will enjoy outstanding views of the Beartooth Mountains and surrounding wilderness as well as views of glacial lakes, wildlife and various ecosystems of the Rocky Mountain west. The Beartooth Highway opened for traffic in 1937 and has been wow-ing visitors from around the world ever since!
Sweeping landscape view of the Beartooth Highway in Yellowstone Country Montana.

The Beartooth Highway winds the mountain sides as it makes its way from Red Lodge to Cooke City, the northern entrance to Yellowstone National Park.

Snowy terrain on Beartooth Highway in Yellowstone Country Montana.

The Beartooth Highway, open Memorial Day Weekend through mid-October, offers stunning views any time of year, but coming in spring means snow-capped peaks!

Lake on Beartooth Highway in Yellowstone Country Montana.

Find your perfect solitude along this All-American Highway.

Beartooth Highway in the spring in Yellowstone Country Montana.

Talk about a long and winding road! The Beartooth Highway is a 68-mile byway and will offer thrills for travelers of all ages!

Pilot Peak in the spring along Beartooth Highway.

Pilot Peak juts up into the clouds along the Beartooth Highway.

Motorcyclists on Beartooth Highway in Yellowstone Country Montana.

With its twists, turns, and terrific viewpoints, the Beartooth Highway is a motorcyclist’s dream!

Beartooth Butte and Beartooth Lake just off of Yellowstone Country Montana's Beartooth Highway.

Take to the waters surrounding the Beartooth Highway for a truly unforgettable Big Sky experience.

Snowy Beartooth Mountains in Yellowstone Country Montana.

There is a reason the Beartooth Highway is consistently featured on lists of Top Scenic Roads in America!

Lupin Flowers in bloom near Cooke City, Montana in Yellowstone Country.

In springtime, wildflowers abound and add a splash of color to rugged landscapes along the Beartooth Highway.

Beartooth Mountains view during summer solstice in Yellowstone Country Montana.

In Montana, summer days are long and the sunsets are spectacular.

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